Seven of Swords

Released today! Only a buck.

Sing it with me: Anticipation

I write over 800 words a day, but not in one place. It’s in my journal most of the time. I have 7 journals. Six online through Penzu and one physical hand-written one which is going to hqave to be burned at my death. I don’t write stories anymore. I’ve been reading non-fiction and therefore

50: Psycho Ninja

Blasters are notorious for being “glass cannons”. The idea with a blaster is to cause more damage than you get. It helps if you get some defense behind you. Psycho Ninja is a throw-away character with no real backstory. But I’ve been having a lot of fun with him during the Halloween Event here in

The Professional 1

Mike Lebonte and his husband, Scott Angrier, deplaned in Phoenix, Arazona, in the middle of winter. Of which it was 70 degrees. “We brought all the wrong clothes, “ Mike said as they stood waiting for their luggage off the carousel.  “We can change them,” said Scott. He gave Mike a puppy-eyed look. “Waste of

Ch 3, scene 3

“I don’t understand the ways of his company.” Rook placed the tray on the coffee table. “It’s age discrimination. That’s what it is.” Rook stood by the couch, while Leona turned from the pictures to the tea. “But he should have retired years ago, it’s true. Then this wouldn’t have happened.” She made her tea.

“A Rook Given” Ch 2, Sc 1

Edwin Grant flashed his badge from his lanyard to buzz himself into the main building of PharmCare, located in prime Hartford real estate downtown. He parked three blocks away at a company-sponsored lot with a shuttle that left the place every fifteen minutes. Once buzzed through the main door, he was clocked in. Since he

New Novel: A Rook Given (Scene 2)

Edwin Grant sipped the light chamomile tea as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom. This old dusty house needed his daughter back, but she wanted to be independent and out on her own. He allowed her to live her life out there, beyond the ancestral home, into the world that he lived in. Often,

Viva Las Vegas

Seagn found herself knocking on the back of a truck that Moose was staying in. The Sidewinders had not stopped, and were in the process of singing “Viva Las Vegas” for the seventh time. Moose opened the door. “They’re your friends.” “They’re not my friends.” “You brought them here.” “They came here on their own!

The Sidewinders Visit

Someone banging on the truck woke Seagn up. “What?” she yelled, pulling the sheet over her head. “Someone out here to see you,” called Moose. She checked her phone. Six thirty, for God’s sake. “It better not be Webby,” she muttered. “Or I’ll be very disappointed.” She pulled on clothes and opened the door. Moose


An hour later, everything closed down except the bars along the the beach. Moose and Joe came over. Maggie was no where to be seen. “Where’s Maggie?” “She got her period,” said Joe. “She’s back at the Ranch.” Seagn rolled her eyes. “It’s not like having your period is a sickness.” “With her it is.”

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