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Grief, a heavy weight to bear, A constant ache, a burden unfair. It ebbs and flows, a never-ending tide, A constant reminder of what once was, now denied. But grief is a part of life, we all must face, It shapes and molds us, a personal race. And though it hurts, we must endure; For […]

My last stuffie

I remember Winnie the Pooh. A Christmas gift from Uncle Manny. I slept with him, Even with Midnight. He lost his clothes. He lost an eye. He turned golden. And disappeared from my life forever.


I. An author Whose book I never finished, But who signed it for me. I never gave her a review. I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be Aztec, But it was La Conquistador. Disappointed. The tone wasn’t interesting, The voice was boring. (I’m sorry) II. A cat Older than dirt. As old as […]

50: Blueforce

A vigilante, ex-cop (because he’s a vigilante) dual pistols/super reflexes/dark build. Excellent solo.  

Prayer to Apollo

Hermes bring this to Lord Apollo. A boy, just a boy whose blood is bad, Needs help and healing. Lord Apollo, Nicky and his family do not understand They do not trust– Believe–but I do. You, Lord Apollo, can help his blood. Please, Lord Apollo Show them you are powerful! Show them your abilities! Heal […]

To Their God

My faith in you is lost I have questioned you I have disbelieved your heralds. I don’t believe your priests I don’t believe your book Help those who beg you. Show yourself.

Time is an Avenger

I don’t know… The things you know. I do know as I grow old, how Time has affected me. I look the same. I feel more wise. But no one believes me. Because I don’t know…

Cat Mood

Kitty Litter scattered along the floor. Cats do their business in the hallway Using dust bunnies for covering. Clean up every day– Even the cats are frazzled.


Some days I no longer eat any dinner                                                  any breakfast because I’m poor                                      […]

Poem: Four Post

I always wanted a Four post bed. The ceiling we moved to Couldn’t handle it. Sold the poster bed. Bought an iron frame. From gentle rocking to squeaks and shakes. Until no one else comes again.