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To Their God

My faith in you is lost I have questioned you I have disbelieved your heralds. I don’t believe your priests I don’t believe your book Help those who beg you. Show yourself.

Time is an Avenger

I don’t know… The things you know. I do know as I grow old, how Time has affected me. I look the same. I feel more wise. But no one believes me. Because I don’t know…

Cat Mood

Kitty Litter scattered along the floor. Cats do their business in the hallway Using dust bunnies for covering. Clean up every day– Even the cats are frazzled.


Some days I no longer eat any dinner                                                  any breakfast because I’m poor                                      […]

Poem: Four Post

I always wanted a Four post bed. The ceiling we moved to Couldn’t handle it. Sold the poster bed. Bought an iron frame. From gentle rocking to squeaks and shakes. Until no one else comes again.

Seven of Swords

Released today! Only a buck.

Sing it with me: Anticipation

I write over 800 words a day, but not in one place. It’s in my journal most of the time. I have 7 journals. Six online through Penzu and one physical hand-written one which is going to hqave to be burned at my death. I don’t write stories anymore. I’ve been reading non-fiction and therefore […]

50: Psycho Ninja

Blasters are notorious for being “glass cannons”. The idea with a blaster is to cause more damage than you get. It helps if you get some defense behind you. Psycho Ninja is a throw-away character with no real backstory. But I’ve been having a lot of fun with him during the Halloween Event here in […]

The Professional 1

Mike Lebonte and his husband, Scott Angrier, deplaned in Phoenix, Arazona, in the middle of winter. Of which it was 70 degrees. “We brought all the wrong clothes, “ Mike said as they stood waiting for their luggage off the carousel.  “We can change them,” said Scott. He gave Mike a puppy-eyed look. “Waste of […]

Ch 3, scene 3

“I don’t understand the ways of his company.” Rook placed the tray on the coffee table. “It’s age discrimination. That’s what it is.” Rook stood by the couch, while Leona turned from the pictures to the tea. “But he should have retired years ago, it’s true. Then this wouldn’t have happened.” She made her tea. […]