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Grief, a heavy weight to bear, A constant ache, a burden unfair. It ebbs and flows, a never-ending tide, A constant reminder of what once was, now denied. But grief is a part of life, we all must face, It shapes and molds us, a personal race. And though it hurts, we must endure; For […]

My last stuffie

I remember Winnie the Pooh. A Christmas gift from Uncle Manny. I slept with him, Even with Midnight. He lost his clothes. He lost an eye. He turned golden. And disappeared from my life forever.


I. An author Whose book I never finished, But who signed it for me. I never gave her a review. I didn’t like it. I wanted it to be Aztec, But it was La Conquistador. Disappointed. The tone wasn’t interesting, The voice was boring. (I’m sorry) II. A cat Older than dirt. As old as […]