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Carnival Farm Chapter 10

The Motel 6 was a testament to its brand. Just a step above flea-bitten, but way below the Hiltons of the world. Located near the Outlets in Kittery, it catered to the touristy crowd or people who were to inebriated to get out of the Outlet restaurant territory and go home.
They played Rock-paper-scissors to find out who was going to get the shower first. Maggie won, so she went into the bathroom and stayed there for a good long time. Seagn watched a baseball game with the guys, mostly looking at her phone and the Internet, avoiding the hotel’s free wi-fi while she looked up her banking information.
Moose was next, and came out after a much shorter time.
“You used all the hot water,” he complained. He didn’t have a shirt, and Seagn tried not to stare at his chest. Not quite six-pack abs, but he did have broad pectorals and strong arms. With his hair wet and no longer greasy, he looked less like a hippie and more like a human.
Seagn and Joe waited a few hours before taking their own showers. In the meantime, they ordered pizza and watched TV. Seagn played Solitaire on the phone.
Seagn went in the shower and luxuriated in the hot water and steamy soak. She washed her hair with the soap as there was no more shampoo left. The towels were still damp, but she dried off the best she could before changing into new clothes.
She came out saying, “We need new towels.”
“I’ll go get them,” said Moose and left the room.
“Did you leave me hot water?” asked Joe.
“I tried.”
It was late before they finally settled down for bed. “I’ll sleep on the chair,” said Moose.
“No, I meant what I said,” Seagn protested, even while she felt her face burn hot.
Moose smiled. “Really. I insist.”
Joe butted in, “He doesn’t want his woody waking you up.”
Now it was Moose’s turn to blush while laughing. “Just give me a blanket.”
Seagn gave him the blanket, while she kept the sheet and coverlet. Joe shut the light off and Seagn settled in. She didn’t fall asleep right away. She heard the sleeping sounds of the other three, and turned to stare at the ceiling.
What the hell was she doing? The bed was too big, and to have Moose next to her would be a comforting thing. She sat up and looked over in the dim light to see Moose, sleeping soundly.
She lay back down, turned over, and closed her eyes.

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