The Professional 1

Mike Lebonte and his husband, Scott Angrier, deplaned in Phoenix, Arazona, in the middle of winter. Of which it was 70 degrees.

“We brought all the wrong clothes, “ Mike said as they stood waiting for their luggage off the carousel. 

“We can change them,” said Scott. He gave Mike a puppy-eyed look.

“Waste of magic on a glamour,” Mike muttered. The carousel spat out their luggage; Scott’s red with a My Little Pony tag, Mike’s light blue with a large silver pentacle embroidered on the front pocket.

“Would you rather be in long pants on a hot summer’s day?”

“How about you in a kilt?”

“Oh, good idea for the photo shoot.”

Mike grinned. “Yeah, you would.” They plucked out their luggage from the pile that passed by them. “The shoot is tomorrow. What am I going to do?”

“You can come watch me, but you’ll probably eat all the snacks because you’re so bored.”

“Maybe there’s a museum or a movie theater near the hotel. That’ll kill a couple of hours.”

“Sure there is. Look, something is going on, because this airport is so busy.” Scott put a hand on Mike’s arm. “Follow me.”

“Yes, sir.” Mike did so.

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